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    a day ago 1 min Reese's Unveils New Peanut Butter Cup Filled With Potato Chips Reese’s has unveiled a new treat for those who want an extra crunch and taste of savory to their favorite peanut butter and chocolate... 4 days ago 1 min Burger King Canada Serves New Dill Pickle Chicken Nuggets Following the Halloween festivities when Burger King Canada released its Franken Whopper, the burger chain is now switching its focus to... 4 days ago 1 min Dwayne Johnson Joins Forces With Salt & Straw on New Naughty-and-Nice Ice Cream Flavors Dwayne Johnson has teamed up with Salt & Straw — the world’s largest small-batch ice cream company — for a range of holiday ice cream... Nov 24 1 min MSCHF Uses Flavors from Banned Foods for "Illegal Chips" MSCHF‘s inclination for releasing provocative items in small batches has now taken the brand to the world of snacks with the Illegal... Nov 24 1 min The Official Avatar Cookbook’s Tastiest Sweets Avatar: The Last Airbender Cookbook: Official Recipes from the Four Nations released just in time for Thanksgiving, allowing fans of the... Nov 20 1 min Burger King Japan Introduces the "Super One Pound Beef Cheeseburger" To celebrate “Good Meat Day” in Japan (November 29), Burger King Japan is now introducing the “Super One Pound Beef Cheeseburger.” For... Nov 20 1 min Applebee's Has Created Cheetos Fried Chicken and Cheese Bites According to reports, Applebee’s has rolled out exclusive fried food coated in Cheetos’ cheesy dust. The collaborative menu features... Nov 20 1 min Pringles' New Wavy Loaded Nachos Packs a Spicy Punch With quite a lengthy lineup at hand just within this year alone, Pringles is launching a new Wavy Loaded Nachos chips flavor with the... Nov 20 1 min Reese's Puffs Gets Shaped in a New Cluster Crunch Form Reese’s has been on a roll lately as the cereal will be getting a whole new upgrade in Cluster Crunch form. The brand has been prepping... Nov 14 2 min DJ Khaled Launches Global Chicken Wing Delivery Restaurant DJ Khaled has made the move into the culinary world with the launch of Another Wing, a delivery-only chicken wing restaurant catering to... 1 2 3 4 5

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