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Intel's Guinness World Record-Setting 500 Drone Light Show

Though it was a big deal when Intel flew 100 drones in a swarm earlier this year, the chip manufacturer recently displayed its robotics prowess once again by successfully flying 500 drones together. With its 500 Drone light show, Intel crushed its previous 100 drone swarm Guinness World Record and displayed how to use drone swarms to create truly complex patterns that truly awe crowds. Intel was able to execute the light show with the help of its latest quadcopter drone, Shooting Star. Tailor-made for light shows, the drone’s companion software automates the animation process, instructing the drone horde where to fly in order to create the intended image. According to Intel, light shows that took weeks to design can now be ready in a matter of days with the Shooting Star, as only one pilot is required to run everything. No word on when Intel’s Shooting Star drone will hit the market, but stayed tuned for more details as they become available.


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