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Destiny: Rise of Iron – all Heroic loot and Challenge Mode bosses in Heroic Wrath of the Machine

The Heroic Mode Milestones for the Destiny: Rise of Iron record book have been revealed, as well as the challenge mode bosses.

In the video above, Arrkez gives you a look at all of the Hard Mode Gear as well as the Challenge Mode Bosses.

One of the entries players will need to complete in the book is beating the Siege Machine in Heroic in under six minutes.

The other remaining node requires the player either complete Wrath of the Machine in Heroic.

In the video, you also get another look at the Splicer Gear, the new Ghost shell and more.

Today’s Destiny update 2.41 will also raise the Light cap and adjust loot drops. Servers will go down for the update at 10am PT/1pm ET/6pm UK. Wrath of the Machine Heroic mode will go live at 2pm PT/5pm ET/10pm UK.

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