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The Last Guardian TGS gameplay

The Last Guardian is a notoriously elusive title that’s been in development for almost a decade.

We’ve entered the last stretch but the game has had what we hope is one final delaybefore release, pushing back the launch date from October to December as the last few bugs are eradicated.

So how is the game, less than three months away from its release? Lacklustre apparently.

Polygon’s preview video from TGS gives us a lengthy look at what’s in store, with Philip Kollar describing the movement as “awkward as hell when it comes to actually controlling the main character. The protagonist doesn’t walk so much as he lurches in whichever direction you’ve pushed the analog stick.”

You can judge for yourself after taking a look at the gamplay, but one thing’s for sure. Trico is bloody adorable.

The Last Guardian is a PS4 exclusive releasing on December 7, 2016.


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