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This focus on hardware dovetails with Nintendo’s obsession with nostalgia. The upcoming re-release of the NES for example, is based solely on the grounds of its retro appeal, but it does little to attract new (read: young) consumers. Super Mario Run, on the other hand, could potentially introduce new generations to the iconic characters that older heads know and love by simply reframing them for modern consumers. The possibilities are myriad: think an augmented reality, first-person Duck Hunt, or a Mario Kart adaptation that utilizes the iPhone’s gyroscope for steering purposes, or a mobile Super Smash Bros. I repeat: A MOBILE SUPER SMASH BROS. These would do away with secondary purchases and provide consumers with familiar titles that they can play during their morning commutes, instead of limiting them to playing at home.

Super Mario Run is a step in the right direction. Nintendo’s embrace of the smartphone market has been sluggish and long overdue, but it’ll be exciting to see how developers choose to use the iOS’s platform and whether consumers will take to adaptations with the same fervor as they did back in the day. Only time will tell.

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