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GAMER THOUGHTS! "20 Games That Should Be Returned To There Former Glory"

Hey Gamers Teddi from Gaming OD and this is GAMER THOUGHTS!

Good games for the new generation is far and in between. For every great game that comes out there is 10 games that get released right after that absolutely sucks. As a long time gamer of 18 years there is a large amount of titles that should be revived. These 20 titles could sell big in present day and could really add more soul back into the gaming industry.

Nba Streets

To start things off EA BIG made a few of my favorite games growing up, but NBA Streets was my absolute favorite. Over the years we have been getting the same basketball games, the same 2k's and now the live franchise has thrown it's hat back in the ring. Out of all of these titles there is one big key thing missing, and that's flare! NBA Streets brought those real street vibes and moves to NBA games. NBA Street played with imagination it defied gravity it gave your favorite players signature moves and most importantly it was ENTERTAINING!

Midnight Club Dub Edition

At one point racing games was fun and customizing your ride had you feeling that the car you put together was really yours. Racing games today is more focused on graphics and realism instead of the most important aspect which is fun. The Midnight Club Series gave you a story it gave you mass customization and it gave you great music. MCDE was fun, gritty, and entertaining, Rockstar Games would be crazy to never touch this series again.

Tony hawk american wasteland

Where do I start? (THAW) had it all! Open city free roaming (Check) Full Customizable characters and boards (Check) One of the greatest skateboard story lines to ever exist (Check) The Tony Hawk franchise had great games but American Wasteland was absolutely amazing. The story of a noob skater on the journey to be come a legend was awesome. Learning new moves on your journey, taught by legendary skaters, joining a clique of outlaw skaters and in the end creating your own American Wasteland was epic! The artwork, the soundtrack, the moves every element worked together perfectly. Please Activision BRING BACK THE WASTELAND!

Def jam vendetta

Now this game didn't have to greatest story in the world but it had your favorite rap artist battling it out for money, power and respect. What more can you ask for? The street fighting wrestling style played well and the music and commentary was awesome. Those elements with today's artist would make for one extremely entertaining game. Come on who don't want to see Kanye West fight Rick Ross?

Max Payne

One of the greatest stories ever conceived in a video game before the last of us had us crying and killing zombies. Max Payne deserves a total remaster ,recapturing the events from Max Payne 1 to the fall of Max Payne to Max Payne 3 and a Max Payne 4 to really end it once and for all. Adding all these elements to one game will deliver at least 100 hours of legendary bullet time gameplay. In this day and age we need it!

Nfl street

The re-imaging of football was fun and fresh in this streets series. The urban aspects mixed with gravity defining moves always made for one fun experience. If NBA Streets comes back to life you can't forget this fun title.

Pokemon Stadium

Pokken Tornament is great but nothing will ever take the place of Pokemon Stadium way of battle. Nintendo itself would return to former glory bringing this title back to life. After the fall of Star Fox Nintendo needs this, Pokemon Stadium was without a doubt fun and entertaining and in my opinion the best way to battle Pokemon.

Marvel vs Capcom

Why have they not brought back this bundle of greatness? Is Disney to busy letting lego make these forever boring lego games or do they thing Disney Infinity will one day prosper? Whatever it is they are missing out on making one of the coolest fighting games for this generation of consoles. Marvel Vs Capcom, 50 character roster, 25 Capcom, 25 Marvel, in a all out battle royale. Through in some multiplayer and a create a character system and you have a gold mine.

Grand Theft Auto Vice City sequel

Vice City isn't the only GTA that deserves a sequel (SAN ANDREAS!!!!) but it should definitely happen first and here's why! The story of Tommy Vercetti rise to power was that of a scarface but with a happy ending. A story of Tommy Vercetti fall from former glory to the point of exile out of Vice City would make for one awesome game. Everybody wants to be on top, but what happens when your empire is infiltrated and you lose everything with no one you can trust? That's a amazing GTA game just waiting to happen! The best part of this GTA was the time period, that Miami Vice Era is full of excitement.

Soul Caliber

Tekken is cool, DOA is great, Virtual Fighter is nice, but Soul Caliber was Epic! The unique gameplay and fighting styles was one of one. The weapon aspect for each character gave soul caliber its true identity. There is no weapon based fighters in todays market, reviving this series with a little creativity would be well worth it!

Twisted Metal black

Easily the most dark, sick, and sadistic Twisted Metal game ever conceived. It without a doubt deserves a sequel on the present day systems. Rocket League is all the rave but do you remember when you strapped guns, rockets, and special weapons to your car just to destroy the vehicle next you. Calling Twisted Metal fun is a understatement its was a thrill ride every time you pressed play. Why not bring (TMB) with a new story and a car customization mode you could take into a 6 v 6 online multiplayer game.

Prince of Persia

Before they gave him claws and a evil side, there was the sands of time where controlling time either helped or hurt the outcome of your mission. Why not return to the roots of the franchise, implement the unreal 4 engine and make a awesome game for the heck of it.


Do I really have to explain this one?


In a world where we get a new shooter every year thats usually exactly like the shooter before it, it would be refreshing to get that navy seal SOCOM gameplay back. Instead of all the wall running and jet packs and robots, so nice stealthy marine base shooting would really put the spark back in FPS's. We really need it!

Crash bandicot

My favorite Crash out the bunch and easily one game that deserves a revive. Before the Rachet and Clank series and Jakk and Dexter there was a 2d/3d platformer that was pure fun to its core. Everybody knows how fun Crash is, why not recreate the greatness. A Remaster would be great and all but a re-imaging would be show much better. A new look new worlds and level, with a few new moves for crash to use would make for one exciting game.

Parasite eve

Who remembers cinematic RPG's? Who remembers 2 disc games? After long hours of gameplay having to stop and insert the second disc to only be at the middle of the game with so much more to go. I do! This game here had so much life, with features life real time combat, true RPG elements and monsters, enemies, and creative powers and weapons. Parasite Eve was truly one of one and needs to make a extreme comeback!

Dino crisis

Jurassic Park meets Resident Evil sorta. Dino Crisis is a classic in its own right. Give us Jurassic Park with a Battlefield style shooter and we are definitely in for a treat!


Max Payne opened the door for this classic. Is there room in today's gaming for a high adrenaline 2 gun high intensity shoot? HELL YEA!


I doubt reviving this classic never even crossed the minds of the good people at capcom. Onimusha was entertaining at its core, the story was awesome and the gameplay was crisp. The only bad thing I can say about this title is there isn't one on the PS4.


Everybody wants Red Dead Redemption 2 but have you forgotten about this classic? Gun is a western game done right, It has heart. Gun is a game that should be left in the ashes of old games, it deserves a revive but it had that game appeal fun factor and it was pretty brutal. If Activision wants to give Rockstar some competition, this is the perfect game to use.

Honorable Mentions


Viewtiful joe

Capcom vs Snk

Soul Reaver

Ready 2 rumble

Perfect dark

Duke Nukum

Do you agree with my list? Comment below and tell me which games you would like to see returned to there former glory!

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